Windows 10 stuck on personalized settings after 1803 updates

I try to install the Windows 10 April 2018 Update 1803 version on my Surface Pro 3. The upgraded process is applied fine and then makes a rebooting. However, it just get stuck on the personalized settings with a black screen. I disconnect my wireless keyboard and mouse and it is still not responding. After booted into safe mode, I turn off fast boot and uninstall graphics drivers and nothing takes effect. The update screws up the tablet and I could not figure out how to get rid of that.

The May 2018 update or the Creators update make many machines to get stuck on Personalized settings screen. It prevents my Windows 10 computer and tablet from booting normally. I restoring a previous version under safe mode, but then the Windows 10 get the updates again to break the system.

How to fix stuck on personalized settings after Windows 10 1803 updates
* It requires a connected keyboard. Press the Ctrl-Alt-Del keys from your keyboard and select the Task Manager option.
* From the top menu, click on File > Run new task.
* Input explorer.exe into the text box, and click OK button. Wait for about one or two minutes and the system will load your desktop completely.
* Everything becomes very slower than usual. You need to click on the Start button at the left bottom corner and do a restarting.
* Once your login to the desktop again, the issue is fixed. The next time you face the same thing, simply open the Task Manager and type explorer to finish it, without doing other task.


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  1. I tried doing a ctrl + alt + del keys menu comes up and I selected task manager it appears that it wants to start but nothing happens after about 15 minutes window appears saying windows explorer has failed to start and gives opinion to either close the program or wait for it to close. Selecting either doesn’t allow task manager to come up.

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