Windows 10 fail to shutdown and freezes after v1803 update

My Windows 10 Pro computer with 8Gb RAM, 480Gb SSD and everything worked normally on 1709 version. After upgraded to 1803 version automatically, I went to Start menu and tried to power it off, the system just stuck at “Shutting down…” in blue screen. All activity lights like keyboard backlight turned dark, while the mouse freezes. I waited for 3 hours and nothing changes. Any way to resolve the problem?

How to fix cannot shutdown after Windows 10 v1803 update
* Without doing that through Start menu, the quick way is to press the Power button to shutdown correctly.
* The current version of Intel Management Engine Interface is not compatible with Windows 10 v1803 update. You’d better downgrade the software to version 9.5.
* You could also open the intel rapid storage on your device, go to Performance tab, and disable the link power management feature completely. The next time you face the same thing, return to check if the link power management is enabled by system.
* Within Control Panel, go to Power Options > Choose what the power button does, select the “Change settings that are currently unavailable”, un-check the “Turn on Fast Startup” box, and click Apply > OK button.
* However, the Fast Startup option doesn’t exist on my Dell computer with Windows 10, while the Hibernation has already disabled. This particular Model is M4500. I notice it might be due to the installation by UEFI.
I created a bootable USB stick by media creation tool. Then I wiped the disk and converted it through MBR2GPT. After changed the BIOS setting to UEFI, I clean install the Windows 10 version 1803 successfully and everything runs fine.


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