Timeline cannot enabled and not working in Windows 10 v1803

I have upgraded the Windows 10 April 2018 Update 1803 version on my Surface Pro 4. When I log into my desktop, the timeline icon exists in task bar. However, when I tap on it, a new windows opens and doesn’t show any information. I would like to resume my past activities on all devices and view a specific piece of content at a specific time. How can I resolve the problem?

Many users always restart the system to take effects after installing the Windows 10 v1803. The method doesn’t enable the timeline feature fully, while the best way is to cold shut down your tablet or computer.
* I power down my Surface Pro and then login again, then the past activities appears. However, when I wake it up from sleep mode, the Timeline just stops working.

Ensure the related settings are enabled
* Open Settings app, and move to the Privacy category.
* Go to Windows permissions > Activity history, check ” Let Windows collect my activities from the PC” box.
* Under Show activities from accounts, toggle your Microsoft Account to On position.

If you have disabled Search Indexing in Windows 10, the Timeline may be not working. You could turn the index on again to check if it is fine.
* Press Win + X shortcut keys or right click on Start menu to open the Power user menu.
* Select the Computer Management from menu.
* On the left hand, expand the Services and Applications, and select the Services.
* Go to the right side pane, locate the service named “Windows Search”, and double-click on it.
* Change the startup type from Automatic (Delayed Start), click Start button, and click Apply > OK to save changes.


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