Please insert the external storage media with Windows 10 v1803 update

The Windows 10 upgraded process suggested an external storage device to continue, due to lacking of enough storage. I did that with a bootable flash drive to complete the version 1803 update. After I restarted the computer, it just stuck on a “Please insert external storage media and press OK” error message. I click on it and nothing changed. Updating BIOS was not working at all. How can I resolve the problem?

How to fix Please insert the external storage media with Windows 10 v1803 update
The wrong BIOS configue may cause the issue.
* You could restart the device and enter the bios screen. Go to change the start up order to read the USB media first, then the primary disk, save the changes and restart again.
* If you are able to log into your desktop, go to disable the antivirus software or uninstall it. For Windows Defender Security Center, open Virus & threat protection settings, and turn off Real-time protection and Cloud-based protection completely.
* Open Control Panel, click on Windows Firewall option, and also disable the built-in firewall function.

However, if you still get the “Please insert the external storage media” warning message and could not get rid of the screen, the USB drive may have encountered a corruption.
* To avoid the future issues, the best way is to format the USB drive fully on other PC, while your data will be lost.
* Another way is to use an SD card via USB port to install the new version of Windows 10 1803 version.


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