Line input audio with Record not working in Windows 10 v1803 update

I was able to record sound through Windows Voice Recorder app in Windows 10 Pro on my Surface Pro 3, . However, after I upgrade the system to the April 2018 Update (version 1803), the speaker and recording function just stop working. I notice that Line In input device is missing. Both of the Audacity and Control Panel lack of the sound level. How can I resolve the problem on my tablet?

On my Windows 10 computer with version 1803 updatem, the “What U Hear” has been disabled in Sound Blaster. But it is no way to enable it again, so I could not recording any sound. I install the latest SB driver and nothing takes effect.

How to fix Record Devices Missing and not working in Windows 10 v1803 update
Note: It seems to be a bug with v1803 and apply all input device.
* First make sure you’re signed in as an administrator account.
* From your desktop, tap or click on Windows button at the left-bottom corner, and select the Gear icon to open the Settings app.
* Click on the Microphone tab on the left side.
* Go to its right side pane, under the Microphone access for this device, click on the Change button, and turn it on completely.
* Return to the main screen, click on the Privacy icon, and go to Microphone.
* Then you need to set “Let apps access your microphone” to be ON.
* Under “Choose apps that can access your microphone”, locate the legacy app you want to let it use Microphone from the list, and toggle its switch from Off to On.


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