Fluent design not working problem in Windows 10 1803 update

Microsoft’s Fluent Design System is revealed alongside the Fall Creators Update, and the future updates Redstone 5, while there are still lots of development time to go. In Windows 10 1803 update, it brings the acrylic translucency effects and reveal animations, and turns the OS to be more attractive and modern look. Unlike the previous versions’s Aero Glass, this feature never strain your GPU and other system resources while it is running.

After my touch-screen computer has been upgraded to Windows 10 1803 version, I go to Settings app and turn transparency effect on. However, the Fluent design is not working at all. I don’t find these newly designed elements in any of their apps, and could not figure out how to restore it.

If your device is equipped with a battery, the Battery Saver mode can cause the issue. It is designed to extend your laptop or tablet’s battery life. But you have to disable the feature completely.
* Click or tap the battery icon in the notification area on your taskbar.
* Then drag the slider to the left position to disable the “Battery Saver” mode.
* By default Windows 10 enables the mode at 20% battery remaining automatically.You can also open the Settings app, go to System > Battery, and disable the mode from there.
The Fluent design function also are not running on low hardware. For example, if you have graphics device with WDDM 1.0 for display adapter, you do not have any option. To get rid of that, you have to buy newest graphics and upgrade your hardware completely.


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