Cannot Change Display language in Windows 10 v1803 update

I had already installed multiple language packs on my Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10 Pro. Everything worked normally until I apply the April update version 1803. To use some non-Unicode programs, it requires the system to switch to another different language, and now just stop working completely. I notice that it displays the default one as English and doesn’t offer any option to make changes for that. Any way to fix the issue on my tablet?

If Windows 10 can not change display language, the 1803 update can scrap the additional language(s) and they may be wiped out fully during the upgraded process. By default, the newest update offers the function to use multiple languages. For users who are facing the same problem, try the method below to restore it again.

* Open the Start menu from your desktop, and click on the Settings app (the gear icon) to open it.
* Click on the Time & Language category, and select the Region & language tab.
* Go to the right side panel, click on the “Add a language” option.
* From the available languages, choose the one you want to have, click Next > Install to contunie the process.
* Once Windows 10 has downloaded and added it, you might have to restart your computer. And then you are able to use those apps or software as before. To cycle through your languages, simply press and hold the Win and then press the Spacebar repeatedly.
However, if an existing language is broken, follow the way to re-pair its pack
* Open the Settings app, go to Time & language > Region & language.
* Pick up the language from Preferred languages, select Options, and click on Download button.
* Then click Back option and set it from Windows display language menu.


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