Windows Defender Security Center crashes in Windows 10 Fall Creator

I have used my Surface Pro 3 tablet running Windows 10 Fall Creator update v1709 (build 16299.201). When I access the Settings app and start the Windows Defender Security Center, it just shows a blank screen and then crashes on startup. Then I double click on its notification icon and still face the same problem. That also happens with multiple computers in my company. How can I resolve it?

If your current using theme is not not a accessibility setting in Windows 10, it will make the UI of Windows Defender Security Center not working correctly. I figure out the GreyEveThemeV2.1 theme is such one. After I change to another dark theme, the WDSC loads normal.

As a part of the Ease of Access system, High Contrast Mode improves the usability while might cause some strange issues in Windows 10 operating system. To reproduce the bug, you have to disable the feature.
* To quickly turn the High Contrast off temporarily, press the left Shift + left Alt + PrtScn keys together.
Another method is to get rid of that completely.
* On your desktop, open the Settings app from Start menu.
* Select the Ease of Access > High contrast.
Another way is to type “High contrast settings” in Search box and select it from results.
* On the right side pane, under Choose a theme, click the drop-down menu and change it to None, and click Apply button.
This is a bug with system and it should be fixed in Windows 10 Spring Creators Update 1803 version.


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