Microsoft Basic Display Adapter replaces Intel HD Graphics after Fall Creators Update

My Windows 10 tablet includes Intel Graphics controller of Celeron processor. Everything worked fine since upgrade to Fall Creators Update 1709. When I boot up the device, it takes a long time to load the login screen. I notice that the system has switched to the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter, due to the Intel HD Graphics is not working. The screen of my desktop become glitches. Within the Settings app or Control Panel, I could not make changes with display related feature, such as adjust the brightness and Night Light mode. How can I resolve the problem?

Then I access the Intel’s website in Edge browser and download the latest graphics driver to my desktop. When I double click on the setup file, it reports the driver is incompatible with current OS. It seems that some HD drivers are outdated or corrupted.

I type Device Manager in Cortana box and press Enter to open the Device manager, right click on the Intel display adapter to disable the device completely, and then turn it on again. The screen just blinks and displays it is unable to start the driver message.

There is no any connected usb 3.0/2.0 devices and second monitor. Then I right click on display adapter to open its Properties window, go to the Driver tab and click Roll Back Driver button. However the issue persists.

Finally I find out a new drivers version for Intel Celeron processor. I get it via the intel link and install it without any issue. I complete the installation, make a rebooting and the display becomes normal. If you use other model of Intel processor, you’d better check if available driver for your machine provided by your manufacturer.


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