Cannot pair Bluetooth keyboard/mouse without PIN code in Windows 10

I was able to use a HP premium bluetooth mouse on my Surface Pro 3. After upgraded to fall creators updates, Windows 10 allows it to connect, but keeps asking for PIN codes. I try the Microsoft wireless entertainment keyboard 7000 model and also face the problem, while it pair well with my Samsung phone. I don’t know the passcode. How can I resolve it on my tablet?

If the bluetooth device has already paired in before the fall creators updated, you will face the problem. The Bluetooth devices has been screwed up by something during the Windows 10 upgraded process. You could try any of the methods to get rid of that.
Start with Windows 10 Build 1703, Microsoft has already changed the bluetooth pair method. By default the manufacture setup the “0000″ as the PIN code in the device.
* Simply type the 0000 into the PIN filed and press Enter to make the connection. If it is not working, you could try removing the Bluetooth device and add it again.
Manually do a re-pair Bluethood device
* Hold-and -press or right click the Bluetooth icon from taksbar, and select “Add a new Bluetooth device” option.
* Press the sync button on your keyboard, mouse or speaker.
* When it appears in the list, click Next, don’t type anything in PIN text box, and click Next, then restart your PC to take effect.
Disable the power saving mode
* Right click on Start button at left-bottom corner, and select “Device Manager”.
* Expand the Bluetooth Radios, double click on the mouse or other item to open its Properties.
* Go to the Power Management Tab, un-check “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power, and click OK button.


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