App windows moved and resized on multiple display after wake Windows 10 up

I use the Asus MX239 monitor as the main display on my Windows 10 computer. Then I connect with a Dell XPS 2015 model via DisplayPort to HDMI cable and configure it to scale. Both devices have been setup to 1920 x 1080px resolution. However, when I wake up the system from sleep mode, it is frustrating that all apps’ windows have moved from the primary display to another. How can I resolve the different scaling ratios problem?

I had used the Edge browser and Office Word in full screen, and now their position are resized. The issue just happens after Windows 10 turn off the display. I change to a new 4K monitor and still face the same thing. All drivers of GTX 970 and intel HD graphics card are the latest version.

How to fix program/app windows moved and resized on multiple display in Windows 10
* If you use UP3214Q, P2715Q or P2415Q, you have to lower refresh rate to 30Hz.
* Using the DP coonnection is the best way. Otherwise, the workaround is get HDMI cable for secondary monitor.
Windows 10 installation has applies the the basic monitor support and remember a history of all monitors. Removing them can get rid of that.
* Hold-and-press or right click on the Start button, and select “Device Manager” from menu.
* From the top menu, click on View option, and select “Show hidden devices”.
* Locate the Monitors item and expand it. It includes your current monitors (the highlighted) and others. The greyed out monitors are disconnected and used to aliase at a lower resolution.
Right-click on the one, and select Uninstall. Repeat the same way for all greyed out monitors, no matter PNP and non-PNP.
* Finally make a rebooting to take effects. Works for me.


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