Android USB Tethering share causes blue screen on Windows 10 1709

My OnePlus 5 smartphone is running the Android 8. Then I enable the USB Tethering for sharing network connection on Surface Pro 3 with Windows 10 1709 version. When I plug my phone into tablet to use the function, the system immediately crashes and runs into Blue screen with error Kernel Security Check Failure. The related driver doesn’t corrupted. How can I resolve the problem?

Some NDIS devices are incompatibility with Windows 10 Version 1709. Using the USB Tethering may causes a Kernel Security Check Failure Blue Screen. Many users have face the same issue and here are some tips to get rid of that.

First you could go to disable your standard network adapter to check if it takes effect. Otherwise, try the workaround to disable a Windows service and others in Windows 10.
* Type CMD in Start menu, right click on Command Line from results, and select Run as Admin option, then input the command:

sc.exe config netsetupsvc start=disabled

and press Enter to execute it.
* Press Win + R from keyboard, type devmgmt.msc and click OK to open the Device manager.
* Locate the NDIS devices and uninstall the device completely. Then click Action in the top menu, and select the “Scan for hardware changes” option to get the device appearing again. However, it is still not working.
* Type regedit.exe in Run dialog box and press Enter to open the registry editor.
* Navigate to the location below:


* Find out a GUID entry for the Remote NDIS driver. Hightlight it and go to its right side pane, right click any empty area to add three new DWORDs named “*IfType”, “*MediaType”, and “*PhysicalMediaType”, then set value data to 6, 0, and 0xe.
* Run the “sc.exe config netsetupsvc start=demand” command to re-enable the netsetupsvc.
* Finally open device manager to re-enable the device. Now you should be able to use the USB Tethering.


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