Windows 10 keyboard filter/Sticky keys won’t turn off and stuck in

I use the accessibility version of windows 10 on my tablet. Sometime I leave the device for about five minutes or restart the system and then login my desktop. However, the Filter Keys is enabled and stuck in. That break my gaming experience, because I press the Shift key repeatedly in physical keyboard and the dialog box pops up. It is annoying that I have to manual turn it off. The next time I sign on and the Filter Keys also defaults to on. How can I prevent those accessibility features permanently?

How to fix can not turn off Sticky & Filter Keys in Windows 10
* From your desktop, type Control Panel in Windows search box or Start menu, and select the top result.
* Within the Control Panel Items, navigate to Ease of Access Center > Make the keyboard easier to use, and click on Set up Filter keys.
* Uncheck the Turn on Filter Keys when Right SHIFT Is Pressed for 8 Seconds box. Then you need to setup Repeat Keys and Slow Keys. Select the “Ignore Quick Keystrokes” and configure it to “No Repeat”, as well as adjust the “Keys Must Be Held …” time to 0.
* Return to click on the Set Up Sticky Keys link, and uncheck the Turn on Sticky Keys when SHIFT Is Pressed Five Times box.

The incorrect drivers may causes the keyboard not working well and changes its settings by itself. You could use Dism Command to remove Offline drivers for the keyboard.
* Open Settings app, go to Update & security > Recovery, and click on Restart now under Advanced startup.
* Boot to advanced startup options, click on the Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Command prompt.
* Type Dism /image:C:\ /Get-Drivers and press Enter to display information about all drivers in operating system. Locate the full name of INF file for keyboard and note it down
* Remove the related driver package by this way (replace the oem*.inf name with driver name you want to uninstall):

DISM /Image:C:\ /Remove-Driver /Driver:oem*.inf

* Once the process is finished, reboot to normal mode and the Windows 10 will reinstall it correctly.


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