Use Hey Cortana to find Spotify songs by lyrics in Windows 10

If you use Cortana feature to search for music, it may show the Song unrecognized and not identify error in Windows 10, due to the Groove Music has been closed in the end of 2017 year. Now her ability to listen to music gets a good alternative, and adds integration with Spotify quickly to resolve the problem. Without knowing the name of the music, you can easily find the lyrical content to enjoy yourself on your Surface Pro tablets or other computers.

How to use Hey Cortana to search for songs by lyrics in Windows 10
Note: the method only works while Cortana defaults to US language on your device since now.
* Download Spotify app on the Microsoft Store and install it.
* From your desktop, tap or click on the Cortana’s small icon in the taskbar. You can also press the Win + S from your keyboard simultaneously.
* Within the left side of its plane, select the Notebook button which is a little notebook icon underneath the house icon
* In its right side, select the Music option, and turn on the Spotify function.

The next step is to configure the respond to voice with the Cortana.
* Click the Notebook at the left side, and click on Setting.
* Under the Hey Cortana heading, move on the switch from Off to On for enabling the “Hey, Cortana”.
* Then click on Learn my voice > Start button, and follow the on-screen instruction to complete the process. You’d better say the six sentences out loudly to let Cortana know your voice.

How to perform Spotify interactions in Windows 10
* When you want to search the song and play it, say, “Hey Cortana, play the-song-information…”, to the microphone. Replace the the-song- information with the lyrics from the song you wish to listen.


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