Fall creator error code 0xc1900200/0xc1900201 in Windows 10 upgraded

I have already installed 1703 Creators update on my Surface Pro 4. However, recently Windows 10 try to download and apply the fall creators 1709 with important security things and it is fail to complete that. It displays the Something went wrong message with error code 0xc1900200 or 0xc1900201. My friend talk me that the System Reserved partition needs to have 450MB at least. I use the Windows disk management and it doesn’t allow to make changes. How can I resolve it on my tablet.

You might had experienced the error code 0xc1900200 or code 0xc1900201 while install the Fall Creators Edition on Windows 10 tablet or computer. It is due to the System Reserve partition which become too full or has not large enough space. Here are some tips to get rid of that.

* First make sure your machine does meet the minimum system requirements.
* Some third party anti-virus software or firewall may causes the problem. You could uninstall them completely and run the Windows update again.
You’d better check your installation log.
* Open the File explorer and enable the hidden feature. Then navigate to the location below:
* From there, open the setupact.log to find the InsufficientSystemPartitionDiskSpace line. It should lists “found HardBlock.Not enough space on partition. Required: 15 MB. Available: 10 MB”. To resolve the problem, you need to extend the SRP partition.
* I type diskmgmt.msc in Start menu and notice it is using a GPT partitioning scheme. So I open the Command prompt with Admin right, and execute the commands one by one:

mountvol y: /s
taskkill /im explorer.exe /f
cd EFI
cd Microsoft
cd Boot
rm -r language_file

* The process delete all the language files from System Reserved Partition and free up 15MB. Finally run the Windows 10 update normally.


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