Disable Timeline or organize activities in Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

Windows 10 Spring Creators Update brings up the major new features. Timeline lets you resume a workflow or collection of apps on other devices, and is perfect while you are working with multiple projects. It is similar to Apple’s continuity in iOS and macOS, and offers the quick way to effectively move task from one machine to another. Timeline tracks most of your used applications, edited documents, and collects those data into Microsoft Activities. Here are the tips about how to set it up.

How to Disable Timeline or organize activities in Windows 10 Spring Creators Update
Note: Timeline works with Most of the productivity apps by Microsoft, such as Office Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Edge browser.
* By default the Timeline is turned on by system. You could find its icon livesing within a familiar location at the left side of your taskbar.
* If you don’t need such feature, try the way to get rid of that.
Open the Settings app, navigate to Privacy category, and select the Activity History, then uncheck both boxes of two options on its right side pane:
Let Windows collect my activities from this PC: It collects your activities from only this PC
Let Windows sync my activities from this PC to the cloud: your activities, and Timeline will sync across all Windows 10 devices which is signed in with the same Microsoft account.

How to use Timeline to manage activity in Windows 10
* From your desktop, use the Win + Tab keyboard shortcut to activate Task View of Windows Timeline. If multiple displays are connected, Windows 10 will only show the Timeline view on the primary display.
* You can also click or tap on the Task View icon on the taskbar to display it on current display.
* There are many snapshots of the most easily relevant activities on the default view. Simply select one to restore your task, or try any of the methods to manager your Timeline.
Move the annotated scrollbar down to see past activities,
Click the “See all” link next to the date header to get all activities in a single day, or groups them by hour to organized them
To locate one task quickly, tap the search box in top-right corner and type in the keyword to search it.
To restore the default view, click on See only top activities link.


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