Cannot change Manual proxy setting address to default in Windows 10

I open the Settings app and go to Proxy tab on my Surface Pro 3. However, the Use a proxy server feature is enabled. I notice that the Manual proxy setup address field is “http=;https=″ and except for the entries <-loopback>. I am unable to switch it off and can not remove those information, because it restores quickly. Resetting the Internet Properties is not working. I boot into safe mode and everything is default while it only happens in the normal mode. How can I resolve the problem?

Fix manual proxy setting address field cannot change in Windows 10
* Right click on taskbar and select “Task manager” option. Under the process tab, find the ISUSPM.exe and kill its running process.
* Open the File Explorer, navigate to the location below:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\InstallShield\Update

and rename ISUSPM.exe to ISUSPM-bak.exe file.
* Reboot the system to take effects.
Any virus or Hijack malware can cause the Windows 10 to write something on manual proxy setting’s field.
* Download the software from the internet, such as Malwarebytes Anti-malware Free Version or Zemana Antimalware.
* Install it and run a full scan with your tablet or computer. Probably it will detect a malware and remove it completely.
* Then make a restart to revert to default configure.
You could also try another solution to get rid of that.
* First you need to backup all of your Important files to D drive or exec usb flash drive, such as your personal Documents files, Pictures, Videos and more.
* Open the Control Panel to create a new Local User Account with Administrator right.
* Log out the current old account and log as the new one. Then move the backup user files to restore them.


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