Cannot change lock screen image in personalization settings after Windows 10 Pro Fall Update

I have setup a picture in the public folder to be lock screen image in Windows 10 Pro. After my Surface Pro 3 installed Fall creators update, I go to Personalization in the Settings app and the button to choose pictures becomes grayed out. It is no way to change to a different image from my own gallery. I restart the system and could pick up another image while get error it can’t be set as lock screen. How can I resolve the problem about customizing my Lock Screen on my tablet?

How to fix Can’t change lock screen image in windows 10
For Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise
* Make sure you have loged in as an admin-enabled user account.
* From your desktop, press Win + R from your keyboard, type gpedit msc in Run dialog box, and click OK button.
* Within the left pane of Group Policy Editor, expand the Computer Configuration, and navigate to the location tree below:
>Administrative Templates
>Control Panel
* Go to the right side, find the setting named “Prevent changing lock screen image” and double click on it.
* In the pop-up window, check “Not Configured” box and click OK button to save that.
* However, if your OS is Windows 10 Home edition , it is lacking of gpedit feature. You could follow the way about how to add gpedit and try the method to get rid of that.

Another tips
* Use services.msc to open Services Manager, and enable Windows Search service
* Open the Settings app from Start menu, click on Personalization category, and “Lock Screen” tab.
* On the right side, choose “Slideshow” option from Background drop-down box, and click on “Add a folder” button to add the folder with your wallpapers.
* Press Win+L keys to lock the screen, wait for seconds and then unlock it.
* Return to disable the Windows Search service. lock the screen and any slide show is missing.
* Re-open the Services Manager, set Windows Search service to Automatic Startup type, and click on its Start button.
* Finally open Control Panel > Indexing Options, and remove the folder which containing images for Lock Screen slide from Indexing items list.

You might worry about that may mess up your PC. The best way to fix this issue is to do an in place upgrade of your system after get all around the internet.


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