Use Clutter-free to Print WebPage without Ads and link in Edge on Windows 10

Windows 10 Spring Creators Update (1803) adds a lot of improvements for Microsoft Edge, such as Autofill cards on web forms, Developer Tools, Full screen mode (F11), Hub View and more. It also offers the flexible solution to save or print website articles without ads, other links and unnecessary clutter on the sidebar. This is Clutter-free printing support and you could try the tutorial to enable it on your tablet or computer. Continue reading

Disable Timeline or organize activities in Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

Windows 10 Spring Creators Update brings up the major new features. Timeline lets you resume a workflow or collection of apps on other devices, and is perfect while you are working with multiple projects. It is similar to Apple’s continuity in iOS and macOS, and offers the quick way to effectively move task from one machine to another. Timeline tracks most of your used applications, edited documents, and collects those data into Microsoft Activities. Here are the tips about how to set it up. Continue reading

How to configure or disable startup apps/programs in Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

If a collection of applications are automatically launched when you log into Windows 10, they will translate the system to slow startup times. In Spring Creators Update, the startup option has been moved from the Task Manager to the Settings app. You are able to easily find out the culprits is causing the delay, and remove it. Continue reading

Battery Plugged-in not Charging after Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

My Windows 10 laptop have installed the Fall Creators Update and then get a blue screen, so I reboot the system to get rid of that. However, I log into desktop and lost the functionality of battery. Because it won’t charge and pops up the “plugged-in not charging” error. Running the Windows built-in troubleshooter doesn’t take effect. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Fix Windows 10 high Disk Usage Spikes Randomly

My Windows 10 computer has a 1TB Seagate hard drive with 128MB cache and the SSD. After the recent updates applied, the system becomes slow and freeze, even I am playing games. Because the Disk Usage Random spikes of 100% disk activity. But the resource monitor reports that nothing uses higher amount read/write in bytes/sec. How can I resolve the problem on my PC? Continue reading

Internal Microphone not working after Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

Microphone is not working on my Surface Pro 4 after upgraded to Windows 10 Spring Creators Update. The driver of the Realtek “High Definition Audio” Array are up-to-date. When I try to use Skype, and Cortana, the input sound is fail to operate. Then I use an external microphone of the Logitech WebCam and it still doesn’t function. If I play the video or watch movie, it just works perfect. Any way to get it working normally? Continue reading

Cannot restart print spooler duplicate endpoint error in Windows 10

My Windows 10 tablet get the security update recently and then the HP network printer become unresponsive. It is no way to remove all current print jobs. I go to delete the files inside the the related folder in File Explorer, but it is used by spoolsv.exe. Then I type services.msc in Run dialog box and select the printer spooler to restart it, and then “Error 0x800706cc. The endpoint is a duplicate” message pops up. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Desktop Window Manager dwm.exe causes high usage gpu in Windows 10

When I play video games or watch youtube in Windows 10, the Desktop Windows Manager (dwm.exe) always loads too much GPU. I notice that it happens after wake up from sleep mode or the tablet gets a low level battery life. The system becomes laggy and slow, while I move the mouse. I have to restart system to get rid of that temporarily. How can I resolve it? Continue reading

How to Customize Focus assist automatic rules in Windows 10

Quiet Hours is the distraction-reducing feature and now has renamed to Focus Assist, starting with Windows 10 build 17083. If you would like to prevent notifications from interrupting to stay focus on the task, it offers the automatic rules for users to configure specific the times and activities. Here are the how-to tips to setup certain times for that. Continue reading