Windows 10 System and Reserved Files fill up larger space

My Windows 10 tablet comes with a 500gb SSD and the File Explorer shows 466gb used. Now there are a few available free storage in C drive. Within the Settings app, the storage usage page displays that the System and Reserved files take about 350gb. I tap on it to get more details, and the system files and Hibernation file use the most of the space. How can I free up and delete them on my tablet?

How to free up storage usage of System and Reserved in Windows 10
The Hyberfil.sys file can store the current state of the windows and restore all files later when you wake up the device. It copies a huge space in your hard disk. If you enable the hidden files and folders in File explorer, the hiberfil.sys file is located in C:\ location.

I right-click on Hyberfil.sys file and then click Properties option. Its side is about 12.7gb. It is safe to delete it, but it requires you to turn the hibernation feature off completely.
* Type CMD in Start menu, right click on Command Prompt entry and select “Run as administrator”.
* Input the command:

Powercfg /hibernate off

and press Enter to execute it.
* To enable the hibernation feature again, run the Powercfg /hibernate on command.

System Reserved
When you install the Windows 10 on a clean disk, the system creates a special “System Reserved” partition. It contains the Boot Manager and Boot Configuration Data, $RECYCLE.BIN, System Volume Information, and the backup of the drive’s boot sector.
You’d better keep the System Reserved partition on. If you would like to get rid of that, you have to use another disk-partitioning tool to create a new partition with all unallocated space, and then clean install the Windows 10 again.


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