How to setup App Access To Account Info and Libraries In Windows 10

In Windows 10, every account associates with a separate user profile in the location C:\Users\Your-User-name. Inside the folder, it stores all of the related data, such as the personal preferences, appData for Windows features and installed apps, Documents, Downloads and more. By default the system and apps can easily read those folder and many people are worrying about their Privacy data like name and picture.

Windows 10 build 17063 bring the ability to take control of lots of usage permissions. You are able to setup the access permissions with Account Info, calendar, microphone and Library/data folders.

How to disable or enable App Access To Account Info In Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
* From your desktop, tap or click on the Start button, and open the Settings app.
* Navigate to the Privacy category, and then “Account info” tab.
* In the right side pane, under “Allow access to account info on this device” heading, click on the Change button, and toggle the option from On to Off. Now the system and all software can not process any of your current account info.
If you want to customize app access permissions for individual apps and also allow the entire operating system to access that, try other method:
* Follow the same way to open the Account info page, and enable the option described above.
* Move the switch under “Allows apps to access your account info” to Off.
* Under “Choose which apps can access your account infor” heading, it lists all installed apps with the toggle option and you can configure certain apps individually to enable or disable the feature.
For example, I only want to block apps from accessing my info except the Edge, simply turn on its own permissions toggle and set others’ option to Off.

How to Manage OS Access and App Access To Documents, Pictures and Videos Libraries
* Within the Settings app, go to Privacy > Documents.
* Under Allow access to the documents library on this device, click on Change, and turn on the toggle option. Now the OS and apps can access your Documents library.
* If you would like to block some apps, set “Allows apps to access your Documents library” to On, and then control the toggle of Documents access for every listed app individually.
* However, you also need to re-configure that in Settings > Videos and Settings > Pictures.


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