How to cut/trim or split video into multiple parts in Windows 10

I have used my smartphone’s camera to shoot movies about my family and transfer those files onto my Surface Pro 3. The tablet has been upgraded to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Some videos are very large or get a few black frames, and I need the professional documentary production to deal with them. I don’t want to install any third-party program. Is there any way to resolve the problem?

The Movie Maker is only working with Windows 8.1/8 and 7 version, while the native built-in Windows 10′s Photos app is suitable for doing a quick video editing. You could try the method to trim or split a video file, without modifying your original video.

How to Cut or Split videos by Windows 10′s Photos App

* Open the File Explorer, and navigate to the location where the original video files store.
* Select the video file which you want to make changes with, tap or click on the “Open” option in the Ribbon bar, and select “Photos & Videos” from list.
* After the file loads succesfully, the app displays the additional controls on the navigation menu at top. Click on the “Trim”option.
* The portion of the video will have the start and end sliders underneath the preview monitor. Move the slider to the point that you want the video to start, and also the end point accordingly.
* Click “Save a copy”button to save the range of your new video clip to a separate file with the the letters “Trim” added in the same folder.

How to split a big video into multiple parts of small video clips

For example, I have a 60 minutes video and want to split into two parts with roughly 30 minutes each.
* First follow the above method, use the handle to split from the beginning to the middle of the clip, and click “Save a copy” to create a trimmed version of your original video.
* Then repeat the same step, and drag the timeline range handle where you have previously ended the first part of the video, and split the remaining part.


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