Cortana Song unrecognized and not identify Groove music in Windows 10

I was able to use Cortana to play music from Groove or Windows Media Player on my Surface Pro 3. Recently I press the little icon on the top of interface to recognize the playing song. However, it doesn’t identify from its library and show the error “song unrecognized on this service is retired. Music continues”. I have installed the Fall Creator update Version 1709. Restarting the tablet doesn’t take effect. How can I fix the issue?

The Groove Music service had closed at the end of 2017 by Microsoft, and all of its existing Groove users are switched over to Spotify. Since it’s gone, the virtual digital assistant Cortana can not be able to identify songs like your purchased music from the Store. The functionality by pressing the music icon on Cortana UI is being retired.

It is an annoying problem for most of Windows 10 users. I don’t want to pay money for Spotify service. Because I own the high quality sound from CDs in my own library. Now the music have been stored in OneDrive, while Groove becomes breaker in my Windows 10 devices.

If you are looking for music recognition tools, here are some alternatives to Cortana’s service.
* Shazam
Shazam is one of most popular music recognition app with colorful and friendly interface. It can accurately identify music, movies and TV shows, and also other features.
* SoundHound
Sound Hound app offers the big orange button to find Lyrics in time. You can also use the voice controls to tag music and search for artiste info.
* Other free music apps are available in the store for you to enjoy, such as TuneIn Radio, TrackID and iHeartRadio.


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