Cannot adjust sound/volume level in taskbar on Windows 10 1709 update

My Surface Pro 3 tablet has installed the Windows 10 update February 2018. I listen to music via built-in speakers and the sound is very loud for me, so I go to adjust it. I hover over volume icon on task bar to get the current volume level. However, when I use bluetooth mouse left click or right click on it, the volume control mixer launcher doesn’t pop up and the system freezes for seconds. Now I could not low it up quickly and have to use the headsets. How can I resolve the problem?

If the installed driver is not compatible with the Windows 10 version like fall creators update, the sound might stop working on your tablet or computer. But the music and video play fine while the volume icon in system tray does not respond. It should be caused by others, and you could try any of the tips to fix the issue.

A workaround is to add the related shortcut
* Open the File Explorer, navigate to the location below:


* Find the SndVol.exe file carefully, hold-and-press or right click on it, and select the Pin to taskbar option. The SndVol32.exe program is used to control the volume settings with all supported apps for your system.
* The left side of taskbar will have a sndvol.exe shortcut. Now you can tap or click on it to bring up the plane and adjust sound to the volume level you want to have. It worked perfectly on my Windows 10 computer.

Another solution
* From your desktop, right click any empty area in task bar, and select “Task Manager” from list
* Under the Process tab, scroll down the list to locate the “Windows Explorer” process, right click on it from actions menu, and select Restart option.
Now the issue should be gone away and everything becomes normal.


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