Windows 10 won’t sleep after fall creators update

I have upgraded my Windows 10 notebook to the recent Fall Creators update (1709), but I am unable to put the system into sleep mode. In the morning I open it up and get a blue screen with “needs repair” on boot. Because the system won’t go to sleep or wake up, and the battery life drain down to 0% level. I have to shut down properly and re-create my work space every day. There is no any 3rd party security software.

I push the sleep button several times and the screen displays with crazy lines and colors. My Surface Pro 4 tablet would not runs into sleep mode consistently after Clean Install of Windows 10 Fall creators update 1709 or Anniversary update. You could try the simple method to get rid of that.

The latest update may breaks the sleep/hibernate feature during the process, and the solution is to turn if off.
* From your desktop, hold-and-press or right-click on the Start button at left bottom corner, and select the Windows Powershell (Admin) from content menu. If you are prompted by User Account Control, click Continue.
* Within the Powershell with Administrator right, type the command below:

powercfg.exe /hibernate off

and press Enter to execute the command. It will disable the Hibernation feature completely..
* Then run the exit command and close PowerShell window.
Note: Hibernation is a power-saving state designed primarily for laptops and tablets, while is enabled by default. There is a hidden system file named Hiberfil.sys in the root folder of the drive. It takes a snapshot of your system files and drivers and saves that to this file, without re-establish those files and settings.

If you had already installed the McAfee or Norton software, it is troublemaker and that could cause the behavior. You’d better run the McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool and uninstall McAfee cleanly. Then the Windows 10 will work with sleep mode normally.


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