Windows 10 Pin login not available and cannot change/remove Pin code

I have enabled and setup Windows Hello for my Microsoft Account in Windows 10 on my Surface Pro 4 tablet. After the fall creators updates, the PIN option is not available on the login screen. Every time I have to type password to sign in. Then I access the sign-in page, and there is no way to remove, change or reset Pin code option. I try to Add a PIN and then the setup process window closes. How can I fix the Windows Hello problem?

How to fix Pin login not available and cannot change/remove Pin code in Windows 10
The strange method
* First I create a new local account in Windows 10, logout the system and then login using the new local account.
* With the account setting, setup a new password. Return to PIN Sign-in Option, I click on “Add Pin”, enter my local password for confirmation and click next, but nothing changes.
* Then I go to setup the Admin user. During the process, I add the current account and my Microsoft Account to administrator. After logout again, I am able to type my old Pin code in login screen.

Windows 10 supported three Hello types, including PIN, Facial recognition and Fingerprint recognition. If you have already enabled biometrics on a device and use fingerprint logon, you must choose a PIN as your initial Hello gesture. In this situation, you can not remove PIN in login option.

If you are unable to Add and Use PIN Sign-in Option in Windows 10, the hidden system folder called “Ngc” has set to incorrect or corrupt permissions.
* Open the File Explorer, enable the hidden feature, and navigate to the location below:


* Right click on the Ngc folder, select “Take ownership” option, and assign full control to your user account on the folder.
* After deleting the folder, right-click on empty area and select New > Folder to create new folder and name it as Ngc.


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