OneDriver stuck in Looking for changes Processing changes Loop in Windows 10

I have enabled the OneDrive feature in Windows 10 Pro on my Surface Pro 4. I always use the Business client to upload several hundred Gb size files from my tablet and that worked fine. However, currently the OneDrive keeps stucking in an endless cycle of Looking for Changes or Processing changes… message. I go inside the OneDrive directory and find that all files don’t have that icon or green tickmark icon. The downloading process works fine while it syncs nothing.

They are all audio samples and associated files in the folder. I un-link and re-link my account, and fix a local cache or store corruption, but it doesn’t take effects. Then I remove this folder from OneDrive syncing option and make a rebooting with my tablet. After I log into the Windows 10 system, the OneDrive begins syncing other files normally. I re-adding the folder and still face that.

I try it on OneDrive web version in Edge browser and it uploads smoothly and correctly. But OneDrive for Business client app is constantly stuck in “looking for changes” mode. I think that it should be something wrong with a huge folder with little files and that causes the syncing not working.

That also happens with my Windows 10 computer with Fall Creators Update. I go through my PC’s configurration and there is not any changes. Finally I find the solution to get rid of that. There are some files with 0-byte and the OneDrive fail to read its data for uploading.

I open OneDrive, press F3 from keyboard, and type size:0 in the search bar. All 0-byte files are in the sync folder and sub-folders. I get a lonesome empty file and have some with weird names like _._. from Visual Studio. After I delete every 0 bytes files and restart onedrive app, the upload function works again.


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