Improve OneDrive slow upload files speed in Windows 10

I use OneDrive app in my daily workflow on my Surface Pro 3 tablet, but the speed become very slowly and I always takes a long time to upload data. The 1.5Gbit folder syncing process is at 360kB/sec speed and I have 2Mb upload bandwidth. OneDrive app also can not deal with big files, so I try the website for uploading 9gb of files through HTTP in Edge, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 11. However, the most basic Internet protocols don’t support that and all browser crash with an out of memory error. How can I improve it in Windows 10 Pro?

How to troubleshoot and fix OneDrive slow upload files speed in Windows 10
* First you’d better look into your ISP (internet supplier) and find what upload speeds you can expect in there terms and conditions. My ISP offers the 75mbs download and only 5mbs upload speed, so I get arround 0.6mb per sec and it is really slow.
* For older version of OneDrive app, right Click on OneDrive icon in the task bar, select the Settings from menu. Go to Performance tab, check the “Improve upload speed by uploading files in batches” box. However, this option has been removed in the latest version.
* If your tablet or computer use a wireless connection, the best alternative is to connect a wired cable directly from the router if possible. Wireless network services can be used by multiple devices and drop speed significantly.
* Windows 10 supports the multitasking feature, and other applications or software might use your bandwidth to download a large amount of data. For example, Youtube and Spotify app can stream the online audio and video, while Torrent app consume your internet speed all the time. You’d better avoid those running apps and close them, then run the Onedriver syncing again.
* The another way is to use third-part software to transfer a large amount of data and share with my friends, such as Google Drive, Dropbox and MEGASync. I use any of them to upload a number of larger files easily and the process runs fast.


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