Fix Can’t connect to the sync service with Windows 10 account

I have enabled the synchonization on my Windows 10 computer. After I make changes with background, wallpaper and colors in the theme, the modified composition doesn’t sync and not apply on my Surface Pro 4 with the same account. It’s just the standard theme. The built-in troubleshooter tool reports the “Can’t connect to sync service” error. That only happens after I install the Fall Creators Update. Any way to get it working across desktop PC, laptop and tablet?

The anniversary or Fall Creators Update always break the data of your current user accounts. Once the profile becomes corrupt, the synch is not working at all in Windows 10. Here is the solution to resolve the problem.

* From your desktop, tap or click on the Start buttoon, and open the Settings app.
* Select the Accounts category, and click on “Family and other contacts” tab.
* In its right side pane, click on “Add a new person” button, and follow the on-screen instructions to create a new local account.
* Make a rebooting with Windows 10, and then login system using the account your just created.
* Re-open the Settings app, go to Accounts, and click on the “Sign in with a Microsoft account and enter your account information” link to swith to your Microsoft account.
* Click Sync your settings button, and enable the Sync Settings feature.
The next step is to do the force sync with people app
* Open the People app from Start menu, and access its Settings.
* Hold-and-press or right click on the account from lists, and select the synchronize option.
* Once the syncing process has been completed, you need to move your data from the old local user account to the new one.


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