Windows 10 File Explorer does not Auto Refresh with folder

I have upgraded my Surface Pro 4 tablet to Windows 10 Pro from 8.1 successfully. Everytime I move or download a file from Internet, or save a new office document, it does not show in my opened window for that folder in File Explorer. I have to press the F5 key to do a refresh. I notice that a folder may doesn’t show the updated date information. How can I resolve the problem?

A few users download files or move files in Windows 10, and the folders don’t refresh with the related location in File Explorer Windows. You could try any of the tips to fix the folder refresh issue.

If you have network folders or other link in quick access and it is not accessible, you need to remove the dead quick access links.
* In File Explorer, I check the “Quick Access” section in the left-hand side tree. The “Documents” item doesn’t point at anything valid. I right clicking on it and select “Remove from Quick Access” option.

By Dism command
* Type CMD in the Windows Search box, right click on “Command Prompt” from result, and select Run as administrator option.
* Input the comand below one by one

Dism.exe /online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup
sfc /scannow
Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
sfc /scannow

and press Enter with each command to execute it:

A faulty USB device always causes the File Explorer not refreshing.
* I permanently attach an unpowered external USB expansion adapter and a USB dongle connects with its expansion port. The dongle just stops working. After I remove the adapter then everything works normally.
* For factory installation, you could put in an Memory Card into the slot and remove the SD card.

Solution for the folder
* Right click on folder, and select Properties.
* Go to the Customize tab, in the drop down menu for “Optimize this folder for:” , select Documents or something different than the current set, and
click OK.

Another configure
* Select Tools in File Explorer, and click Folder Options.
* Go to the Search tab, check or uncheck any option, and click Apply > OK button. Then return to revert to your original setting.


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