Setup Cortana SafeSearch and Cloud search in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

The Fall Creators Update build of Windows 10 operating system comes with new features, improvements and changes. For example, the Cortana settings have been integrated into main Settings app, starting with the build 16188. If you would like to disable or enable the Cortana Search function in Windows 10, try the tutorial to set it up on your Surface Pro tablet or computer.

As a cloud-based personal assistant, Cortana works across your Windows 10 devices, other Microsoft services, Android and iOS platforms. To get web results with Cortana, make sure you have already enabled Cortana and also turned on Cortana search online and include web results

* From your desktop, tap or click on the Windows button at the left-bottom corner.
* Open the Settings app (the gear icon) from the Start menu.
* Click on the Search category, and click on the Permissions & History tab in the left side.
* Go to its right side pane, and configure the related options below:
* Under SafeSearch, check on the Strict, Moderate , or Off for the filter level you want.

Strict: All adult text, images, and videos will be filtered out from my web results.
Moderate: adult images and videos will be Filter out, except text from my web results. This is the default option.
Off: It doesn’t filter any adult content from my web results.

Your configured Cortana SafeSearch setting will override your Bing SafeSearch setting in Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer Browser.
* Under Cloud Search heading, the Windows Cloud Search is turned on by default. You can disable it by moving its switch to off.
Once you’ve enabled the feature, your cloud content will be showed in the search results in Windows 10.
* The Permissions & History page not only allows you to set the search filter levels, omit cloud content on searches, but also control history settings, and decide if Cortana can access your location and other information.


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