How to move Off-Screen window from external display to main Screen in Windows 10

I always use my Surface Pro 4 tablet to connect with a external monitor via dock station for working. For example, I browse webpage and read email message on the main display, while view the information from stock app on the second display. Some times I have to run the portable app from a flash drive on the external display, because it only starts normally in lower resolution. But I might disconnect it by mistake and the app remains off screen. How can resolve the problem? Continue reading

How to enable/setup OpenSSH Server and generate key in Windows 10

The secure shell (ssh) protocol is used for remote system access, remote file transfer in Unix. Now the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update comes with the native OpenSSH feature, which have both client and server for installation on your tablet or computer. An OpenSSH implementation is the value of the OS increases, and here are the how-to tips to enable and setup OpenSSH Server. Continue reading

On-Screen Split/Thumb Keyboard missing problem in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

I perfected to use a good Thumb Keyboard for message in Windows 10 on my Surface Pro 4. But the Split keyboard layout for touch is missing after Fall Creators Update. I look for the option in the Settings app and could not find a way to enable the feature again. There is only the standard tablet layout. How can I restore it on my tablet? Continue reading

Fix app in Taskbar, Start Menu not working on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

After my Surface Pro is upgraded to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update 1709, all apps from Start menu run into strange problem. When I try to click on any windows app or Settings app from there, it stuck at the loading screen and then takes a long time to open. I spend about 5 minutes to open the File Explorer. That also happen with the taskabr. If I right click on Start button, the WinX menu doesn’t appear. How can I get it working on my tablet? Continue reading

Windows 10 won’t install Compatibility with Nero Burning ROM problem

When I try to upgrade to Windows 10 Fall Creator Update on my Win8 computer, the installation runs for minutes and then is stuck at 49%. It just pops up the warning message about what needs your attention the “Nero Burn Core” is incompatible, and tells me to uninstall the programs manually. But no such software in programs and I could not figure out how to resolve the problem. Continue reading

Fix Edge tabs blinking flashing orange notification in Windows 10

When I open among ten webpages in Edge browser on my Surface Pro 4 tablet, about 3 tabs constantly start blinking a very bright yellow. It always happens with Office 365 website or JIRA tabs and seems to be things change. But I tap on the tab and there is no warning message. I am not sure which cause the tab flashing. How can I resolve the problem in Windows 10? Continue reading

Keyboard input lagging/skipping characters in Windows 10 Fall Creator Update

When I type email message or other text on my Windows 10 laptop, the keyboard randomly skips letters. It seems to skip every 2rd or 6th character, even I type really slow. I clean out the keyboard carefully but it doesn’t take any effects. That only happen after I install the fall Creator Update. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

How to switch to desktop classic view in Windows 10

I have upgraded my Win8 computer to Windows 10, but could not find any option to enable the classic view. The system keep booting into the classic windows desktop. When I open any app or software, it automatically goes full screen and app icons are missing in taskbar. The user interface are better suited to touch but not good when I use a physical keyboard and mouse to take control of that. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Cannot adjust external monitor brightness with Surface Book in Windows 10

My Surface Book connects with a LED backlit LCD LG MP59HT monitor. The Cinema Display is very bright enough to view in full sunlight, so I would like to change the brightness of the external monitor. However, when I access the extend these displays setting, the “Adjust brightness level” option is greyed out. The available brightness slider in Action center in taskbar doesn’t take any effect. How can I fix the problem? Continue reading

Fix Windows 10 Auto Shutdown/Hibernate after Fall Creators Update

I have a clean installation with Fall Creators Update on my Surface Pro 4. I put the tablet into sleep mode and then wake it up hours later. However, the Windows 10 auto shut down by itself and I have to power it on again. It causes my Office word document losing some data. I access the power options and the High Performance and Battery Saver options are missing. How can I fix the system failures problem? Continue reading