Wake-up or right-click Freeze problem in Windows 10 on Intel and NVIDIA laptops

There is a bad stuttering experience on some laptops running Windows 10 Creators Update. When you perform a tap-and-press or right click action, the Windows 10 system always hangs for a second. If you try to open display settings, or click on battery icon from taskbar, it also causes freezing. I make all drivers and Firmware to be up-to-date and it doesn’t take effect. How can I resolve the problem?

The freeze issues happen on many laptop brands, such as ASUS, Acer, Clevo, Dell, Gigabyte, HP, Razer, MSI and Lenovo, while those Intel + NVIDIA devices are using mobile GTX 1050/1050Ti/1060/1070. I also get the brief black screen at UAC (User Account Control) or wake up.

By default the Intel GPU forces the system to work with NVIDIA, so you could disable the Intel GPU or NVIDIA GPU. For example, right click on your desktop, select Nvidia control panel, go to Manage 3D Settings, select the Nvidia Graphics, and click Apply > OK button to disable Intel GPU. However, that will make the battery drain faster and also some video games not working. I think that the better method is to use a app or software to configure NVIDIA GPU to be alive in the background.

A perfect solution
* Press Win + R from your keyboard, type regedit in Run box, and click OK button.
* Within the left side of Registry Editor, navigate to the location below:


* Under the ContextMenuHandlers folder, right click on igfxcui entry and select Delete option. Then repeat the same way to delete the igfxDTCM entry.
* Finally make a restarting and everything works normally.


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