Screen keep flickering after Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

My Windows 10 computer runs on a Asus Z270 motherboard, an intel i7-7700k processor, and Nvidia geforce 1070 with the latest drivers. After I upgrade it to Fall Creators Update and the system restart, the screen begins to flicker at a high rate. But Linux on the same system doesn’t get any flicker, so it isn’t hardware problem. When I attach my Surface Pro to the Microsoft docking station and log out, the screen just become black and unresponsive and I have to force restarting. How can I resolve it?

How to fix Screen flicker with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
Change Screen Resolution on Windows 10
* From your desktop, hold-and-press or right-click any empty area and select “Display Settings”.
* Go to the right side pane of Settings app, scroll down and click on “Advanced Display Settings” link.
* Click on the drop-down menu, and change the resolution to something other than recommended, like the lower resolution.
* Then click on “Keep The Changes” to confirm that and apply your changes.
* Finally repeat the same way to change the current screen resolution to the previous one. It will fix the issue temporarily, while still randomly reverts back to broken, even making a reboot process.

The Fall Creators Update may messed up your screen monitor refresh rate and causes the problem. You could re-configure your screen refresh rate back to normal level.
* Open the Display adapter properties, go to the Monitor tab, select another lower refresh rate, and click Apply > Ok button

The outdated driver is not compatible with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update 1709, and you need to update it on your device.
* Type devicemngr in Cortana search box or Start menu, and open Device Manager from result.
* Under Display adapters, right-click your graphics card, select “Update driver”, and follow the wizard to installing the update.
* You can also download the latest version of graphics card from Nvidia website and install it manually.


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