How to use Chrome/Edge to Pin Google search, Gmail to Taskbar in Windows 10

You might always visit websites such as Google search, YouTube, and Gmail multiple times in a day on your Windows 10 tablet or computer. To access them quickly, you can pin these websites to taskbar and then just make one tap/click on their respective icons. It is simple to add Google for that, as pinning a program to the taskbar.

How to Use Chrome to pin Google search, YouTube, or Gmail to Windows 10 taskbar
* Make sure you have installed the Google Chrome on your device.
* Open the Chrome browser, type or YouTube website in the search bar, and press Enter to load the contents.
* Click the three dots icon at the right-top corner, and select More tools.
Depand on the different Chrome version, you need to do the way:
* Select the “Add to taskbar” option, type a name for the website, and click Add button. The current tab will be pined to the taskbar.
* If you get the “Add to desktop” option, type in a name and click on Add to continue. Then return to your desktop, there is a blue square icon with a big white number. Drag and drop of this created Google shortcut to the taskbar. Finally the Google webpage is pinned in your task bar.

You can also do that with the Microsoft Edge browser once it is set to default browser. But it may doesn’t stick on task bar, while the Chrome method can look like an app with a button.
* Load the Google or Youtube website in Edge browser. Within the current webpage, click the More icon at right corner and select Pin this page to the taskbar option.
* To resolve the problem, you could try other method. Right click any empty area on the desktop to create a new shortcut, type or other URL, click Next, set its name to Gmail, and click Finish button. Finally drop this shortcut to taksbar.


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