How To Import Wunderlist/Todoist To Microsoft To-Do or delete To-Do in Windows 10

Windows 10 has added a brand-new intelligent task management app named Microsoft To-Do. Users not only can create and manage lists and tasks, but also add notes, reminders to their tasks. The Microsoft To-Do app also works with iOS and Android and here are some useful how-to tutorial to set it up.

How To Import Wunderlist/Todoist To Microsoft To-Do in Windows 10
* Open Microsoft Edge, IE or other web browser, and access the official import page.
* Tap or click on the “Start importing” button, type your Microsoft account email address and password to log in to Microsoft To-Do.
* In the next“Let this app access your info” web page, click on Yes button.
* It will ask which to-do app you are using. Select either Wunderlist or Todoist app, and sign in using your related Wunderlist/Todoist account’s email address and password.
* Click on Authorize button to continue, so that the Microsoft To-Do Importer can access all data of your Wunderlist or Todoist account.
* Select all or check the box next to the special lists and tasks, such as Inbox, General or Guides, and click “Import selected” button. Now Microsoft To-Do will begin coping the lists and tasks from your Wunderlist or Todoist account.
* However, the subtasks is not supported by Microsoft To-Do since now, so you have to import them as notes or as individual to-dos. In the final setp, if you need to do that, select an option and click Start importing option.

The To-Do feature is linked to your Microsoft account. If you want to delete To-do account for some reason, try the tips about how to delete your Microsoft To-Do account in Windows 10.
* First open the Settings app to uninstall the Microsoft To-Do app.
* Open the Microsoft link in Edge, sign-in by your Microsoft account.
* Go to “Apps and services you’ve given access to”, click on “Microsoft To-Do link” at the right side panel, and click “Remove these permissions” to confirm that.


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