How to connect and setup Motion Controllers for Mixed Reality in Windows 10

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update builds comes with Mixed Reality platform to offer a completely natural interactions. The new feature combines the virtual reality mixed with augmented reality, and works with mixed reality motion controllers. If you pick up a headset without Motion Controllers and invest the line to use on your Surface Pro tablet or computer, try the tips to configure them.

How to connect and setup Motion Controllers for Mixed Reality in Windows 10
First Setup the Motion Controller
* Take the battery cover off from each Motion Controller, and insert 2 AA batteries. But don’t put the cover back on.
* Press and hold the Windows button of controllers for about 2 senconds. When they are power on, a buzz sound will play.
* Inside the battery compartment, press and hold the pairing button. If the its lights start flashing, release the button and the controllers are waiting for pairing.

Return to do those steps on Windows 10 PC
Note: if your PC lack of Bluetooth support, buy a USB 4.0 Bluetooth micro adapter to resolve the problem.
* Open the Settings app from Start menu, tap or click on Devices Category, and select Bluetooth & other devices.
* On the right side pane, make sure you have moved the Bluetooth toggle to ON
position. Then select “Add Bluetooth” option, choose the controllers from list, and click connect to pair them.
You can also do that by Mixed Reality Portal app.
* Open the Mixed Reality Portal app, tap or click on the “see more” option in the side menu.
* Select the Set up controllers > Add Bluetooth or other device, and make them to pair.

When the lights on the ring of controllers stay bright and steady, they have been turned into pair mode over Bluetooth. Now put on your headset, you will see them in front of you, and go to check if they work and track. If they are disappearing, hold down the Windows button for two seconds to shut them down and repeat the above method to re-connect them.


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