How to change volume or Mute Tab sound in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

I always access the specific website on Microsoft Edge and it plays music without pause controls. However, once I want to listen to YouTube in the background, the sounds becomes annoying and I would like to mute it and could not figure out how to do that within the browser. Now the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update adds many improvements to Edge, such as preview, set aside tabs, and also offers the way to blast out auto-playing videos.

How to change volume level or Mute Tab sound in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10
* Make sure your system has been upgraded to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (Build 1709) and higher version.
If you are using the previous Windows 10, a working solution is to download the EarTrumpet app and use this volume control app for both classic and modern apps.
* Within the Edge browser, hold-and-press or right-click on the Tab you want to make changes with, and select “Mute tab” from content menu. If the current tab can not play any sound with the video or music, you could select “Troubleshoot sound problems” option
* If your browsing website is playing audio or video, its Edge tab also displays a speaker icon. You can tap or click the Audio icon on a tab to disable the sound.

Another different method
* From your desktop, right-click on the volume icon in the system tray area on your taskbar.
* Select the “Open Volume Mixer” option from menu.
* In the Applications section of Volume Mixer dialog, it lists the name of the tab running video or audio. You can click on volume icon below a tab to mute the specific tab. And this tab of the webpage become silent.
If you would like to reduce or increase the volume level of a specific tab, simply move the slider up or down under tab to change it.


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