CD/DVD Burn To Disc not working in Windows 10 File Explorer

When I attempted to burn audio files to a cdr/700mb disc on my Windows 10 computer, the “Burn Disc” function is not working in File Explorer. I selected music files and clicked Burn To Disc option, it showed “Files ready to burn to disc” message but none of data were written to the disc. I used the Windows Media Player to burn and the Manage tab just disappeared once I selected the mp3 files.

The DVD/CD burner method is simple in Windows 7 while become different in Windows 10. It might take you a long time to complete the process.
* First you’d better check if there is any hardware issue. For me, the cable end to dvd driver from the motherboard is broken, so the connection doesn’t work well.
* Before burning, you might need to format the CD disc. Then use mouse to select all files you want to burn in File Explorer, right click on them and pick up the Send to > Your optical drive from menu. This is a quick way for that.
You could also try another method below.
* Open File Explorer, insert a recordable CD disc into the CD/DVD drive.
* A “Burn a Disc” dialog will pop up. Enter a title for the disc, select “like a CD/DVD player”, and click on Next button.
* Copy all music audio files. Open the CD/DVD drive (On my computer, it shows drive F.), and it lists a desktop.ini file and shows “Files ready to be written to disc (1)” text message. Then paste them over there.
* On the Ribbon bar at top, go to the Manage tab, and click “Finish burning” option.
* It will pop up another “Burn to disc, prepare this disc” window. Type a disc title again, configure a recording speed, and click next button to continue.
* Select “Make an audio CD (for standard audio CD players)”, and click Next. If you burn the pictures, office documents or other data, just select the Data CD.
* Now the Windows Media Player will be opened. Go to the Burn tab, click “Start burn” button to begin the process. Waiting for minutes, and all of the files will be moved and burned into the CD/DVD disc.


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