Cannot Hide File Names for Pics and Videos problem in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Once you have been collecting pictures or video for a long time on your tablet or computer, it is hard to remember how many of those images you’ve properly named. To resolve the problem, Windows offers a way to show the thumb previews, without the file name. If the folder is already configured as optimized for pictures, you are able to get an option to hide their file names inside folders, but the feature has disappeared in Fall Creators Update.

By default you could try the method to hide file names for photos inside folders in Windows 10/8.1 OS.
* Open the File Explorer, and navigate to the location where store the folder with any kind of documents and files.
* Go inside this folder, hold-and-press or right-click any empty area, and select “Customize this folder” option.
* Select Pictures or Video from dorp menu, under “What kind of folder do you want? Optimize this folder for:”.
* Click Apply > OK button to save changes. Finally right-click anywhere, select View > Hide file names. It will only display the pictures and none of the nonsense names.

After upgraded to the Fall Creator’s Update, I can’t find such option to hide those File Names for Pics and Videos on my Surfafce Pro 4 tablet. When I open their folders, picture and video thumbnails look tidier and I could not get rid of their file name. It maybe a bug and the photo galleries seems to be broken by something

I apply the latest updates on my Windows 10 computer and also face the same problem. I go inside my whole pictures library and it is no way to hidden file names, while the related option is missing on the system completely. Hope Microsoft fix the issue soon.


One thought on “Cannot Hide File Names for Pics and Videos problem in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

  1. This has been driving me crazy, too, and I’m glad to know it’s not just my computer, though disappointed that there isn’t a clear fix yet. I really hope they fix it soon. It really does look so much nicer when you can hide the names.

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