Remove Virtual Memory Pagefile or move pagefile.sys to another drive in Windows 10

The pagefile.sys is virtual memory file located in the root of your system drive on your hard drive or SSD. The pagefile is used to fit all the running apps and system demands once the physical memory (RAM) is not enough. Here are some useful tips to get the better performance or security in Windows 10 tablet or computer. Continue reading

Wake-up or right-click Freeze problem in Windows 10 on Intel and NVIDIA laptops

There is a bad stuttering experience on some laptops running Windows 10 Creators Update. When you perform a tap-and-press or right click action, the Windows 10 system always hangs for a second. If you try to open display settings, or click on battery icon from taskbar, it also causes freezing. I make all drivers and Firmware to be up-to-date and it doesn’t take effect. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

How to change SDR white level for HDR output in Windows 10

The Windows 10 17040 insider adds a white level slider to HDR options apparently. When you are running in HDR mode on the desktop, you are able to adjust how bright SDR content appears on an HDR display. The new improvement based on feedback, can help you tweak the default system level of SDR white, so brightness level can be a lot more usable for your desktop, applications and games. Continue reading

How to use Chrome/Edge to Pin Google search, Gmail to Taskbar in Windows 10

You might always visit websites such as Google search, YouTube, and Gmail multiple times in a day on your Windows 10 tablet or computer. To access them quickly, you can pin these websites to taskbar and then just make one tap/click on their respective icons. It is simple to add Google for that, as pinning a program to the taskbar. Continue reading

Fix Game Bar Can’t Record Right Now in Windows 10

Windows 10 Xbox app includes the Game DVR Screen Recorder option in the Game Bar. Users can record any application to video capture your on-screen activities, without needing to get any third-party screen recording software. However, when I try to record games with audio on my Surface Pro tablet, it shows the Can’t record right now, Try again later or There’s nothing to record error message and I could not figure out how to get rid of that. Continue reading

How to disable or remove activity history in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

The latest Windows 10 insider build 17040 includes Windows Timeline to help a user resume apps and content from their devices. This new feature shows your recent activity along with date and time, and displays a visual timeline of what you were doing. To take controls with future Timeline content, Windows 10 Fall Creators Update offers some necessary settings and links to do that, such as setup the activity history. Continue reading

How to change volume or Mute Tab sound in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

I always access the specific website on Microsoft Edge and it plays music without pause controls. However, once I want to listen to YouTube in the background, the sounds becomes annoying and I would like to mute it and could not figure out how to do that within the browser. Now the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update adds many improvements to Edge, such as preview, set aside tabs, and also offers the way to blast out auto-playing videos. Continue reading

Multiple monitors Nvidia GPU not working in Windows 10 Creators Update 1709

My Windows 10 computer has used two NVidia GTX 1080 and it was working fine before the Fall creator update. After I apply the updates, the system allows to use only one GPU, no matter if I use 2,3 or 4 GPUs and in whatever viarity I set them up. So my second monitor connects and then runs into problem. Within device manager, each GPU gets a visible warning sign but shows “this card cannot be used is CODE 12 = Bios/Uefi doesn’t support the card with enough power” error. I disable some devices and then it takes no effect. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Windows 10 won’t wake up from sleep after Fall Creators Update Installed

I have used two computers and one Surface Pro 4 tablet and they did wake from sleep or hibernate mode. However, after I upgraded all devices to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update 1709 and then put any one to sleep, it won’t resume sleep/Wake by the keyboard or mouse, and the fans start running while the screen remains black. To resolve the problem temporarily, I have to press the Power button to make a reboot. Continue reading