Windows 10 File History No usable drives found to backup

I was able to use my Seagate 2TB Ext drive to protect my data in Windows 8 on Surface Pro 3. After I upgrade the tablet to Windows 10 Pro and try to backup using File History, the feature doesn’t recognise this HDD and shows the error “No usable drives were found”. But I could access and drop files into it. The external hard drive really shows up in the taskbar and runs with third party backup programs. How can I fix the issue?

How to fix File History get No usable drives found to backup with external hard drive
Note: You’d better create a restore point if the File History stop cooperating.
* First set up a network share for the target drive’s ROOT
In my case, I create a new folder named test123 under D:\ location and configure it for the network share.
* Add that share in File History
Type Control Panel in Start menu, and select Control Panel from result to open it.
Go to System and Security, and click or tap on File History tool.
Click on “Exclude folders” in the left-side column, press the Add button, and select your network shared drive to exclude in File History, then click on the Save changes button.
* Make changes in the Settings app
Now let File History start backing up a bit to create its own file structure. Then open the Settings app and go to Update & Security > Backup.
In the right side pane, click on More Options link.
You should find the desired target drive is in the list of backed up folders. Simply remove them.

Finally open the Control Panel backup settings, go to File History, and click Add Drive, select your physical drive and everything will work smoothly, without any problem.


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