Start Menu messed store apps missing in Windows 10 Fall Creator Update

I have spent two hours upgrading my Surface Pro 4 tablet to the Windows 10 Fall Creator Update through Windows update. When I login to system and open the Start menu, it is messed up totally because most of my installed regular apps are missing such as the built-in calendar, photos and mail. The Play and Explore group is also gone while the Windows Store itself can not be found. Then I type these apps name to search by Cortana, it just gets wrong results. Then I run the troubleshooter in the Settings app and it reports “Tile database is corrupt. Not fixed”. How can I resolve the problem?

* If you could not locate the Windows Store app, you have to visit the Store website in Edge Browser to open it indirectly. All of your installed app are listed as “LAUNCH” and not “install” in the page.
To roll those apps back in Windows 10, you need to uninstall the missing apps and then re-install them one by one.
* Open the Settings app from Start menu, click on the System category, and select the Apps & Features tab in the left pane.
* The list of UWP apps will populate in its right side pane. Click the app name which is missing to reveal the options, and click on Uninstall to remove the app.
* Then open the Store website in Edge or other web browser, search for the app individually, and reinstall them from there.

This is not an acceptable solution, because you have to take an important amount of time to recover apps one by one, if you have already used many apps. I have tried the method and it works fine, but a few programs still get the wierd “P~microsoft” name on the tile in Start menu.

The tile database is broken, and you can restore the previous data from the hidden Windows.old folder.
* Open the File Explorer, enable Show hidden files, and open the AppData inside the Windows.old folder:


* Inside the AppData, navigate to the Local\TileDataLayer, and copy the Database folder to your USB flash drive.
* Create a new users with administrative privileges, and use this account to sign in.
* Access another location below in File Explorer (The Your-User-name is your old account):


and paste the rescued database to repalace the current Database folder.
Then logout and log as your main account to check if all apps are restored.


One thought on “Start Menu messed store apps missing in Windows 10 Fall Creator Update

  1. The TileDataLayer folder is no longer used in Windows 10 1709. I am not yet sure where Start Tiles data is being held in this version.

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