Fix WiFi not asking for type password in Windows 10

My Surface Pro 3 connected to WiFi in my house automatically. But it fails to get internet network after I changed the old passwords for my home network through my router website. Now I get the“Can’t connect to network error and it doesn’t prompt to type the new password to authenticate on my tablet.

The built-in WLAN auto configuration service has stored the old network profile, so Windows 10 remembers the credentials for your wireless networks and doesn’t ask you for typing a wifi password. You could try any of the tips to force Windows to asking for WiFi password.
Forgot a network
* From your desktop, tap or click on the Windows button at the left bottom corner, and open the Settings app from Start menu.
* Select the Network & Internet category, and click on the WiFi tab in the left pane.
* Go to its right side pane, click on the “Manage Wi-Fi settings“, select your Wi-Fi network with wrong password from the list, and click Forget option.
It will search for new networks and then prompt you to type the new password to connect with. To keep system asking for the password everytime, uncheck the “Connect Automatically” in the network user interface.
Another way by running command to delete all saved network profile
* Type CMD in Start menu, right click on Command Prompt from result, and select “Run as administrator”.
* Input the command:

netsh wlan delete profile *

and prsss Enter to execute the command to delete all profiles.
* If you only want to remove the special profile, run the command
netsh wlan show profile
to get all profile name, then execute another command:
netsh wlan delete profile The-Profile-Name-of-the-network
I have done that and it really fix the issues in Windows 10.


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  1. Many sites out there tried to answer this question, but were so wrong. This one worked to fix the prob first time. Thanks!!!
    (sorry for fake e-mail address. Won’t give away my e-mail address, but wanted to acknowledge the good advice.)

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