Cannot Print emails from Outlook or Edge in Windows 10

I have used a Canon MX920 and it worked well in Windows 8, but the function is not working at all after upgraded to Windows 10 with the latest version of driver applied. When I select the Print option from the File menu on Office Outlook 2013, it shows error message and then outlook closes. I open an email in Edge browser to print and get the “Something went wrong and we can’t sign you in right now. Please try again later.” message. But I am able to print the file from Excel, Word. To resolve the problem temporarily, I have to copy and paste all contents onto Word to do that.

How to fix Cannot Print emails from Outlook in Windows 10
* In Outlook software, click on the ellipses icon in the most upper right hand corner, and click on the PRINT option.
* It will show the devices selection box in the upper left. Choose your printer name from this box, and the print process will work normally. The same method also runs in Edge.

The related option might has been defaulted to “All pages” in Windows 10, and you need to re-setup it every time.
* When you click on the “Print” button to get the the pop-up preview window, change the Pages from All pages to “Current page” to check if it is fine.

Another solution
* On the far right of the secured page, click on the … (three dots)menu, and select open with Internet Explorer.
* Then select the e-mail you want to open, click on another … from the toolbar on the opened webpage, and select print.

* However, it is hard to deal with the word or pdf attachments in Email mesasge. You have to download the word or pdf document file first and save it to your local drive, and then priter.
* If the above methods don’t take any effect, you could open in Firefox or Google Chrome browser, and logon to your email account to print on a webpage. There is some issue with Edge.


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