Cortana missing or not working after Windows 10 Creators update

My Surface Pro tablet has installed the Windows 10 Creators update and runs into a problem. The Cortana has disappeared together with my reminders and no Microphone Symbol shows in my search box. I also could not find the notebook icon and restarting the system doesn’t restore the Cortana feature and option.

How to fix Cortana process missing or not working after Windows 10 Creators update
Check “Location” in the settings app. The update process may disable the location for Cortana.
* Tap or click on the Start button at the left-bottom corner of your desktop, and open the Settings app.
* Click on the Privacy category, and go to Location tab in the left tab.
* Go to the right side pane, under the “Choose apps that can use you location”, and set the Cortana to be turned on.

By Control Panel
* First your tablet or computer must be connected to internet.
* Type Control Panel in Start menu,adn open it from result.
* Select View By Category in the Control Panel.
* Click on Clock, Language and region option, go to Region > Administrative > Change System Locale.
* Select Your Language. I selected the English.
* Click on OK. Don’t restart the system, and click on Close button twice.
* Click on Language option, select your language and clicking on move up to move it on top, and close all.
* Click in the search box located in the Taskbar, click the Settings icon on the left side, and slide “Hey Cortana” to the On position.

Through registry
The “Geolocation service” might be disabled and fail to re-enable with an “The system cannot find the file specified.” error. So the Cortana is not working at all in Windows 10.
* Open the registry editor, navigate to the tree location in its left side:


* Right-click on the 3 under the TriggerInfo folder, and select Delete option. Then go to turn the Geolocation service on and also the Location.


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