Cannot login Windows 10 security policy to display last interactive logon information

I was able to use my Surface Pro 4 without any problem. However, after the tablet has been installed the Microsoft Cumulative maintenance, I can not login system with correct password. The screen keep showing the “Security policies on this computer are set to display information about the last interactive logon. Windows could not retrieve this information. Please contact your network administrator for assistance.” message and I could not figure out how to resolve it.

For unknown reason, the windows update enable the GPO to show previous logons during user logon in Windows 10. To resolve the problem, you need to edit the related registry values to reset a user profile.
* Reboot to safe mode, creat a new account to log in.
* Press Win + R from your keyboard, type regedit in Run dialog box, and click OK button to open the registry editor.
* Navigate to the tree below in the left pane:


* Higlight the System folder, and go to its right side pane. Double click on the DisplayLastLogonInfo, change its value data from 1 to 0, and click OK to save changes. Then close everything and make a restarting, and you should be able to log in to the corrupted account.

Another quick way is to shut down the connected WiFi router or disable the wifi, and login Windows 10, and then enable the WiFi feature to connect the network.

I have also enable the “Display information about previous logons during user logon” in GPO and deployed it on our network, but still get the “Security policies on this computer…” error. To get it working, you need to apply the setting on the Domain computer first and let it propagates to apply that on the clients PC, then reboot to take effect.


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