Sync your settings grep out not working on Windows 10 Creators Update

I had logged in system using a work Microsoft Account in Windows 10 Enterprise edition with Anniversary Update (14393.969). My Surface Surface Pro 3 joined to the domain and the settings was syncing well. However, after upgraded to the Creators Update, my files are not uploaded to office 365 and all related features are disabled. I open the Settings app and go to Accounts, and the Sync your settings option is greyed out and shows a message “some windows features are only available if you are using a Microsoft account or work account“.

Since from Windows 10 Creator Update, Microsoft have removed the ability for domain joined machines to roam settings and data with an Microsoft Account (MSA) between Windows devices. So the settings app displays “some windows features are only available if you are using a Microsoft account or work account”. But you can setup the Azure Active Directory to enable and use Enterprise State Roaming function.

In Anniversary Update, the syncing settings feature works fine but will roam the data to an individual’s personal cloud. This is not consistent with their policies for managing information owned by the organization in company. To prevent users from connecting their MSAs, the admin have to create a group policy for that while it also makes users difficult to access their personal Microsoft services.

In the addiction, I need to fully synchronize the Settings on my laptop that uses Office365. The office365 account doesn’t synchronize with the local domain account, so I add the office365 account. The Sync settings” option is disable after Creator Update. Finally I have to create an Microsoft Live personal account with the same office365 domain name and the syncing works.


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