How to share browsing session from Android/iPhone to Windows 10

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update brings the Continue on PC feature to make PCs and phones live in harmony. The Insider Preview (on the Fast ring) allows users to linking your smartphone to a PC, and synchronize your web browsing on the bigger screen by usual sharing option. It will add the capability of sharing files directly from your smartphone with taps.

How to share browsing session from Android/iPhone to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
Linking your smartphone to a PC and set up
* Make sure you have logged as a Microsoft Account in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
* From your desktop, tap or click on the Start button, and open the Settings app.
* Click on the Phone category icon, click on the “link your phone” option, and type your phone number to add your phone. Currently the feature supports Android and iPhone.
* You will receives an SMS text message with a link on your smartphone. Tap the link to download the Continue on PC app from iTunes or Google Play, and then install the app.

Once installed, a new option will appear in the Share option in the Android web browser or Apple Safari.
* Press the Share button, tap the “Continue on PC.” option, and then it prompts you to log in with a Microsoft account to enable this feature. If you don’t have a Microsoft account, create a new one for that. Remember this account must be the same one as on your PC.

How to Continue Tasks From Android or iPhone on Windows 10
* When you are a page on a website and would like to view it on your Windows 10 tablet or computer, invoke the native share via function, tap Continue on PC, and select the PC name you want to use.
* There are two options available for each browsing session, including Continue now: the site opens in Microsoft Edge on that PC quickly, even set Google Chrome as default browser.
Continue later: the browsing session will be added in the Action Center. You can easily resume it at the desired time on the right-hand side of the task bar.

However, the app is still in un-completed development so you might experience some issues. For example, clicking the Continue on PC app cause the performance dropping.


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