How to play movie in Mini View while using other app in Windows 10 on Surface Pro

In the latest version of Android and iOS, users can pin the watching video in a corner of the screen while also navigating within or between apps on tablet and smartTV. Now Windows 10 also get the picture-in-picture (mini view) feature support, but it is limited to the Movies & TV, and Skype Preview apps for now. If you would like to watch a video while using another software or app on your Surface Pro 4 tablet or other computer, try the tips to enable the mode.

How to use the Mini View feature with video in Windows 10 PC
* Fist make sure you have set the Movies & TV app as the default app, as well as your system has installed the Windows 10 Creators Update.
* Open the Movies & TV app normally, load your preferred media like a movie or a TV show, and play it.
* There is a control bar at the bottom of the app screen. A Mini View icon is next to the full-screen button. This is new option and also termed as picture-in-picture mode.
* Now tap or click on the Mini View icon Your playing media will become smaller and pin to the top right corner of your desktop screen.
* If you would like to get it back, click on the “Leave mini view” icon to restore to the normal mode.

The music player application Groove Music and other related apps don’t include such option for switching to mini view since now. But it is also possible to convert Groove Music to a small player. You can put the mouse on any corner of Groove player, and resize it as small as you want.


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